Our Trip to Miami for the Patriots / Dolphins game, 10/7/2001

On 10/6, Jolie and I, Don, and Missy (friends from Orlando), drove down to Fort Lauderdale. There, we met up with a couple more friends of ours, Kenny and Maureen, who flew down from Massachusetts for the game. We rented a big Dodge van, loaded it up with beer and food, and away we went. We stayed in Lauderdale, right on the water. We went to South Beach Saturday, hit a few bars, than to an entertainment complex in Lauderdale for dinner. Sunday was the game. Although our Patriots lost, we really didn't expect much different. It was a good game, except for the ignorant loudmouth Dolphin fans sitting all too close to us. We were, unfortunately, in the nosebleed section, and throughout the entire game, there was never even one usher, never mind security, that ever stuck his head up into our section to throw the idiots out. They had most of the Dolphin fans p.o.'d at them also, as they just couldn't seem to shut their mouths. We were lucky enough to be wearing Patriots clothing, so as not to be associated with these mental under-acheivers.

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DSC00075.jpg (91422 bytes)

We're on our way!

DSC00081.jpg (75028 bytes)

Don checkin' the beer supply..


DSC00080.jpg (85129 bytes)

Guess there wasn't enough..

DSC00085.jpg (73880 bytes)

Kenny & Maureen, Ocean Drive.


DSC00086.jpg (89880 bytes)

Ocean Drive - That's Kenny & Maureen trying to hide behind Don..


DSC00087.jpg (77336 bytes)

Maureen, Kenny, and Don. Kenny's making a power business call.


DSC00089.jpg (84603 bytes)

You ought to see how small that shirt is on the hanger!!


DSC00088.jpg (74462 bytes)

Kenny & Maureen in a no parking zone..

DSC00093.jpg (77467 bytes)

Happy hour at a sidewalk cafe, Ocean Dr., South Beach

DSC00098.jpg (73189 bytes)

Don & Missy, wondering what to order..

DSC00094.jpg (76659 bytes)

Look, there we all are again! (except Jolie)

DSC00092.jpg (66487 bytes)

Those fruit works were given out free from the back of a Hummer (we added some alcohol to improve the taste)..

DSC00095.jpg (67854 bytes)

Jolie & Maureen. What a cute couple!

DSC00096.jpg (70473 bytes)

Snoop Kenny Dog!

DSC00099.jpg (77781 bytes)

Our waitor, GAYbriel..!

The Girly Drinks... (except me, I must have had a manly beer...!)
DSC00104.jpg (57617 bytes)

Notice how Missy's fingernails match her shirt..

DSC00100.jpg (55321 bytes)

Jolie looks happy,

DSC00101.jpg (62290 bytes)

Maureen takes a power nap,,

DSC00102.jpg (66247 bytes)

and Kenny does his Gene Simmons impression,

DSC00103.jpg (65793 bytes)

while Don looks a little TOO happy..!

Then we went for a walk on Miami Beach; mostly because Kenny & Maureen can't do that in MA in October, at least not dressed like that..

DSC00107.jpg (82405 bytes)

Now Kenny looks too happy..

DSC00105.jpg (63844 bytes)

Hey, what's Kenny grabbing? Oh, wait, we're supposed to be looking at the sand castle behind them..

DSC00110.jpg (73718 bytes)

I took the picture too late, but Jolie just picked up Missy by her hair..

DSC00108.jpg (80949 bytes)

NOW what is Kenny grabbing.. 

DSC00120.jpg (83919 bytes)

Ladies in red. This was our hotel room, prepping for Sat night.

DSC00123.jpg (62292 bytes)

Well, at least this time you can't see what Kenny's grabbing..

DSC00121.jpg (93772 bytes)

We must be taking a REALLY sharp turn..

DSC00122.jpg (96626 bytes)

OK, now we're straight.. (pun intended)

DSC00129.jpg (34888 bytes)

That was the waiter behind Jolie. They always do that.

DSC00137.jpg (48996 bytes)

I look pretty cool, but Jolie sure is bright!

DSC00128.jpg (40275 bytes)

Awww, they're in love..

DSC00127.jpg (55454 bytes)

So are they, they just have a different way of expressing  it..!

DSC00134.jpg (61194 bytes)

That's MY Dos Eques..

DSC00138.jpg (41028 bytes)

You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friends.. (oh, forget it.)

DSC00143.jpg (82337 bytes)

Our ocean view, Sunday Morning (guess it beat no ocean view at all!)

DSC00150.jpg (56851 bytes)

Getting ready for the game..

DSC00147.jpg (64904 bytes)

Got the truck painted up. No one even through rocks at us!

DSC00152.jpg (87186 bytes)

On the way..

DSC00077.jpg (79917 bytes)

..to the game

DSC00153.jpg (83502 bytes)

Still on the way to the game..

DSC00155.jpg (97829 bytes)

What a handsome crew!

DSC00006.jpg (75632 bytes)

What a handsome couple..

DSC00005.jpg (81964 bytes)

OK, so maybe this couple is a little cuter.. (nothing to do with Kenny..)

DSC00157.jpg (83541 bytes)

Check out the faces, everyone is confused.

DSC00164.jpg (72714 bytes)

Can you guess which team we were there for??

DSC00165.jpg (56274 bytes)

Mmmmm, Pringles..

DSC00166.jpg (63996 bytes)

Jolie's doing the Pringle dance..

DSC00168.jpg (85817 bytes)

Bigger van to our right were Pats fans too (van envy?)(not as cool as us, though)..

DSC00169.jpg (97580 bytes)

Note the van seat Don's sitting on.., apparently it comes right out!

DSC00172.jpg (79938 bytes)

Missy has her drink, she's happy now.

DSC00173.jpg (81391 bytes)

Master Chef in action..

DSC00174.jpg (61778 bytes)

They're feeling much better, found the pee place..

DSC00175.jpg (76297 bytes)

What the hell's on that??

DSC00171.jpg (73163 bytes)

At least I couldn't catch the grass on fire like I do at the Citrus Bowl..

DSC00178.jpg (49014 bytes)

So we were a little bit messy..

DSC00010.jpg (53291 bytes)

"Well I'm not putting my car on the roof and taking it for a ride.." (makes more sense after you read the caption)

DSC00017.jpg (54515 bytes)

My ears popped twice on the way up..

DSC00015.jpg (101743 bytes)

Wow, the people look like ants down there..

DSC00022.jpg (61760 bytes)

Did I mention we were up high?? (excuse me, while I kiss the sky)!

DSC00018.jpg (56989 bytes)

Jolie, Kenny, Maureen and I were up there. Missy & Don had real seats down near the field..

DSC00024.jpg (57791 bytes)


DSC00026.jpg (74559 bytes) DSC00025.jpg (83542 bytes)

I sure hope I don't lean forward and fall..

DSC00030.jpg (93509 bytes)

Maureen going for Lemonade. Did I mention it was 100 degrees?

DSC00032.jpg (93043 bytes)

Look, those dots on the field are the players..

DSC00037.jpg (34145 bytes)


DSC00033.jpg (49888 bytes)


DSC00039.jpg (64172 bytes)


DSC00044.jpg (84586 bytes) That night, we had to stop at Steak & Shake on the way back home. Some of us were not feeling well (not me!).


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